Our First InterNations Night in Vienna

Our guest blogger Julie, recently arrived in Europe, shares her impressions of the first InterNations Event that she and her husband attended. Having moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Vienna, Austria only recently, my husband and I both joined a networking website for expatriates about four months ago. We were hoping it would help us […]

The Sparkly Elephant

Usually, native English speakers talk about “seeing pink elephants” when they are a bit tipsy. But what connects a sparkly pink elephant to guest author and expat blogger Julie’s German language lessons and to her honeymoon? Read on and find out! You are probably wondering what this cute little elephant has to do with expat […]

You in My Hut Now: Getting Away from It All

Do you sometimes dream of leaving your busy expat life style behind – just for a few days? Instead of boarding your next aeroplane to Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo or London, how would you feel about a totally unspectacular weekend trip to … nowhere? British expat Simon did exactly that, and this is what he made […]

An Expat at Home?

Linda lived in Vienna for the past eight years and figured it was time to go back to her hometown of Bonn, Germany again. In an interview she tells us how it was to move back to Germany and how she found it so strange that even though Austrian and German culture are not so […]

Founder’s Diary: Vienna April Get-Together

InterNations co-founder Malte Zeeck just came back from visiting Vienna to attend the April Get-Together. Here are some of his impressions from his trip. It is the Easter weekend that brought me to Vienna, the Austrian capital and home to Europe’s most influential composers of classical music and painters. More than 1.7 million of Austria’s […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in August 2010

Diversity and out-of-the-box thinking for unusual event formats were apparently key for many of our global expat events during the past four weeks. Let’s take a quick trip around the world while looking back on a few selected InterNations get-togethers, great and small alike. In Europe, the London Community decided to show some sportsmanship and […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in July 2010

As far as the past month’s event highlights are concerned, the team at the InterNations office in Munich is especially proud that we established a new record for our local community: Over 500 guests with all sorts of national backgrounds celebrated at the city’s most famous “in”-club in mid-July. In Istanbul, there were at least […]