Book Review: So You’re Moving to Australia?

You are dreaming of diving in the Great Barrier Reef, driving along the Great Ocean Road, or petting a wombat? Imagining a lengthy vacation Down Under no longer does the trick? Occasionally, you’ll start contemplating a move to Australia. — Don’t worry: you’re in good company! According to recent statistics from the Australian Department of […]

Santa on a Surfboard? Christmas on the Other Side of the Globe

’tis the season! In the spirit of the holiday season, our new guest author Viara fondly remembers her first Christmas as an expat “Down Under”… When it comes to Christmas, being born and raised in Europe means we grew up with the traditional imagery of Santa on a sleigh, flying through the winter clouds to […]

Survey Spotlight: Expat Insider, the BBC, and the OECD

Last week we had several fairly intense discussions in the comment sections on the InterNations Facebook fanpage. They involved the overall country ranking of our Expat Insider Survey, the survey’s Quality of Life Index, and a BBC article touting Canberra as the “best place to live”. Actually, the BBC presented the results of another worldwide […]

Six Degrees North: An Interview with Expat Blogger Chrissie in Ghana

In this interview series we let our members take the spotlight! Today, we are talking to Chrissie, an Australian expat in Ghana. She joined her husband in West Africa about one and half years ago and blogs about her Ghanaian adventure on Six Degrees North. 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who […]

Running around the World

And the running theme continues! After last Friday’s feature on the LA marathon, this week our guestblogger Jessica – a Puertorican-American “repatriate” recently returned to the States – describes her passion for running round the globe and tells us why sneakers are the most important item in her luggage. My passion for running began in […]

Please Check This Box for Complaints…

Expat Celia from Australia expresses an interesting view on how she sees some people in Germany, and wonders why it is that in this beautiful country, people never seem content or satisfied with their lives. Cultural differences come in many shapes and sizes! Language, food, mannerisms, etiquette, etc. What I had never considered before is […]

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Due to its increase in members around the world, the InterNations team has been quite busy creating new local Communities for its members! Here is a brief introduction to the first three cities in which the Communities will be opened as of June! Shenzhen, China This major city located in southern China’s Guangdong Province has […]

A Message of Support from InterNations

Unfortunately, some InterNations members have had to experience the negative sides of expat life recently as both locals and expats in Australia, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt and Tunisia saw their daily lives affected by natural disaster or major political unrest. Luckily, the worst seems to be over in many places, and we hope that none of […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in August 2010

Diversity and out-of-the-box thinking for unusual event formats were apparently key for many of our global expat events during the past four weeks. Let’s take a quick trip around the world while looking back on a few selected InterNations get-togethers, great and small alike. In Europe, the London Community decided to show some sportsmanship and […]