Trying to Stay Away from Expat Watering Holes

Expat Samantha from the UK tried to avoid having too much contact to other expats when she moved to Argentina, and tells us how incredibly hard it was for her to do this and why it is sometimes impossible to find local friends. I was completely convinced that I would have no problem whatsoever finding […]

Are You the Chauffeur?

I interviewed Johann from Berlin who has made the decision to follow his wife to Buenos Aires and become a stay-at-home dad to their 6 year old twins, Lucas and Leopold. He tells me about some of the hardships of taking on this domestic role in a patriarchal society. Valentina: Johann, how did you react […]

Founder’s Diary: Buenos Aires, May 2011

InterNations co-founder, Malte Zeeck, is at it again! This time he makes his way through South America, visiting the Buenos Aires and Santiago Communities. Here are his impressions from Argentina last week! With more than 13 hours, the flight to Buenos Aires is one of the longest non-stop flights that you can take from Frankfurt, […]

InterNations Team Member Goes to Buenos Aires!

Interview with InterNations team member Theresa Häfner about her recent trip to Buenos Aires and a visit to the Buenos Aires Community April Event. Valentina: So Theresa, you just got back from Buenos Aires! How was it? Theresa: Oh it was great! I love that city; it’s so boisterous and lively! Valentina: I can imagine! […]