Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

1) Your guest post should correspond in style, tone, and length to other recent posts on the official InterNations Blog.

2) A blog entry should cover expat-related topics of general interest. For example, it might contain more general musings about cross-cultural encounters, travels, expat-related news, and expatriate life with all its joys and challenges.

If you would like to write about one specific location or an experience in a particular country, we may publish such articles as “member contributions” in the content section of our website, instead of the blog. Please contact for this purpose.

3) All articles must be written in English. The standard length of our blog posts is 600 to 800 words. Please try to make sure that you don’t write fewer than 500 and more than 1,000 words.

4) Please understand that we can only accept unique content which has not been published on other websites before. This includes content previously published on personal homepages or private blogs.

5) Needless to say, we cannot publish any content that could in any way be considered offensive, prejudiced, or simply unsuitable for our blog. We will make this decision at our own discretion.

6) We may edit your content before it is published. Standard edits include spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage/style, and formatting. If any bigger changes should be deemed necessary, we will normally make them only after getting back to the author and discussing the issue.

7) Once it has been published, your article will also be shared on the InterNations Facebook fan page and our corporate Twitter account, where people will be able to comment and discuss.

8) We will publish the articles in your name, and include a link to your own personal blog or website, if applicable. Please note that in general, we only place links to private blogs and not to any kind of business or commercial websites.

We usually don’t accept promotional, sponsored or commercial content, or content written for SEO and link exchange purposes. either.

9) In most cases, there are no fixed deadlines for sending in a blog post. These are normally published on a “first come, first served” basis from our backlog queue. Please note that we no longer publish more than one guest contribution per week.

Writing deadlines or priority treatment may, however, apply if agreed upon with the blog editor, or if the post refers to seasonal topics or current events.

10) Should you wish to become a regular guest blogger, we will offer you a free Albatross premium membership on InterNations for the duration of your contributions. Ideally, a regular guest blogger would send us one article per month.

11) If you have any photos to illustrate your entry, we’ll be happy to publish them, too, and credit you for the images as well. But please only use pictures that you took yourself or which you are permitted to use for this purpose. If they are not your pictures, let us know whom to credit. Thank you!

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  1. Hi there!

    I have relocated to Munich- last July. I would be interested in becoming a regular guest blogger if deemed fit.

    I’m an Indian, married with an almost 6 yr old daughter.

    My academic backgrounds include Sociology, Law and Business Studies. Have been working as a Banker till date- taking a break now.

    I would be interested in knowing a way forward to regular blogging. Please go through my personal blog site:

    Kind regards,

    Shivani Singh

  2. Hi Shivani,

    Welcome to Munich and thank you for your interest in our blog!

    If you already have a suggestion for a possible topic you’d like to write about, just contact me via:



  3. Hi
    My wife Diane and I are moving to Penang on MM2H in the spring when I turn age 50. We’re already members of InterNations and recently startted a blog ahead of the move that includes the transition from the USA, why we chose Malaysia and travel stories on previous trips to SE Asia. It will transition to expat living once we arrive

    I’m interested in being added to your expat blog list either now or in the future and would love to contribute guest posts on this site. We plan on using InterNations as a source for interacting with other expats and I’ve been scouring through many expat blog sites attempting to make contacts with like minded bloggers

    If you could have a look I’d greatly appreciate it and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Rob and Diane

  4. Hi Rob and Diane,

    Thank you for your interest in the InterNations blog!

    If you’d like to have your blog listed on our website, please get in touch with our team via As for guest posts, please have a look at our guidelines for guest authors here:

    If you are interested in writing specifically about expat life in Malaysia (rather than general articles about expat living), then please contact to publish member contributions on our site.

    Best of luck with your relocation!


  5. Hi!

    I just joined InterNations Santo Domingo and wanted to add my blogs to your directory if possible. I write for Drinking the Whole Bottle which talks about expat life and living abroad (currently in Santo Domingo). I also
    write for Expat Village which is more general expat focused and Women Who Live on Rocks which is more focused on being an expat living on an island. Not sure if they’d all be a good fit but I’d love to know your thoughts.

    I also look forward to sending in some guest submissions!

    I tried sending an email to the link above and it got returned.

    Thanks in advance

    ** Author **
    Drinking the Whole Bottle

    Expat Village
    ** Contributor **

    Women Who Live on Rocks

  6. Hi Jen,

    The email address in question is actually I’ll pass on your message to my colleagues, though.


  7. Hello,

    Do you pay freelance writers for contributions? Thanks!

  8. Hi Kimberly,

    I’m afraid that we aren’t employing any freelance writers as of now. Our guest author are mostly bloggers or expats who write in exchange for a free Albatross membership on

  9. I dont know how to write a post on this blog. Please help me!

  10. Hi Bach,

    If you’d like to be a guest blogger, please drop us a line via, preferably with a few suggestions for topics and a short writing sample, or a link to something else you’ve written. Then we can discuss the matter further. Thanks!


  11. I will like to have my own blog listed and tried to send an e-mail to ‘’. However, this e-mail address does not work.
    Please let me know who to contact to get my own expatriate blog listed.



  12. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for getting in touch! The email address in question is “” – this should work now.


  13. Margit,

    I have sent twice an email to ‘’, but unfortunately did not get any response.

    How should I proceed to find out if they can put my blog on the Internations directory?

  14. Hi Frank,

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll talk to the colleagues in question directly and ask them to get back to you.


  15. I’am a Professional Organizer in México City. I can help people who come to México to unpacked and organize their home, downsizing, etc.

    Catalina Pesqueira

  16. Hi Margit,

    I just sent in a suggestion for a possible guest post to blog-at-internations-dot-org.

    All the best,


  17. I have an article for a blog – Magnifying the Joy of Living in Another Country. How do I submit it? 910 words.

    Thank you

  18. Hello Jacque,

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest blogger!
    Please submit your article to, then we can discuss the matter further.
    My colleague who is typically taking care of guest articles will only be back from vacation on Monday, though, so please don’t be surprised when you don’t hear back from us straight away.

    All the best,

  19. From my last comment/reply – you may use this as a personal website. Thank you,


  20. Hi:

    I relocated to Detroit from China a few months ago. I was one of the Internations ambassadors in Shanghai and just became a consul here in Detroit. I have lived in five countries and speak six languages . I’ve been writing multicultural blogs and would like to do it on the Internations website as well.
    Cris Josson

  21. Dear Cris,

    Thank you for your continued support and engagement on InterNations! 🙂
    If you would like to contribute a guest post on this blog, please get in touch with us via If, on the other hand, you would like to write a member contribution to be featured either in a location-specific guide or the Expat Magazine on the InterNations website, then please let my colleague at know. In both cases, please give us some more details on what topic(s) you had in mind.

    All the best!

  22. Can anyone tell me were in Cuba would I find the biggest Italian population living in Cuba,,,pls

  23. I would like to inform all Internations members in oxford UK about our International Brigade Oxford Memorial planned Fundraising Dinner on Tursday 28th March at 7pm at the Mezzeto Restaurant, 67 Walton Street, Oxford, OX3 6AG. Prof. Valentine Cunningham is the guest speaker – an authority on literature of the Spanish Civil War and as entertaining as he is informative. Tickets cost £25 for a 2 course meal of a variety of tapas and deserts. Order tickets from: Chris Farman, Priory Dene, Hudson St. Deddington, OX15 0SW Tel: 01869 336190Cheques made payable to IBMT. Please enclose an sae. Looking forward to meeting you

  24. @John:

    Thanks for letting us know!

    You might also want to share this information in the Town Talk Forum of our InterNations Oxford Community, where it will be seen by our local members.

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