Money, Money, Money: The Ten Priciest Places Worldwide

One of the most popular small talk topics among new arrivals in Munich is – no, not their alpine exploits in the nearby mountains, or even the quantity of beer they may have imbibed at the last Oktoberfest. Instead, it’s the size and location of their flat, as well as the cost of their monthly […]

The International Wedding Planner

Our guest blogger Jessica, a former US expat who recently returned from a prolonged stay in Europe to Washington, DC, describes the difficulties of planning a wedding when the romance in question involves a transatlantic relationship. You can read more about Jessica’s life in DC on her private blog, Adventures of the Repatriate. This past […]

China and Germany: the New Expat Favorites?

The results of HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey are in again! We described the methodology and reported last year’s findings in autumn 2012, so check out our previous post for a brief recap of how it works. Based on these findings, the Expat Explorer site publishes a league table of expat destinations according to their […]

Escape the Bubble!

InterNations guest blogger Benjamin wonders if the self-imposed isolation of the “expat bubble”, which might seem like a blessing at first, is actually more of a curse… I’m sure everyone on this blog, as well as in the InterNations Community, would agree that one of the greatest aspects of traveling is the ability to meet […]

The End of Belonging: A Study of “Existential Migration”

This week, I’m going to talk about a rather „fancy-sounding“ topic – that is, „existential migration“. “What’s that?” you may ask. Actually, I hadn’t heard about this novel concept, either, until author Greg Madison kindly provided me with a review copy of his book, The End of Belonging: Untold Stories of Leaving Home and the […]

Relocating to the UK: Tips from a Serial Expatriate

“Self-made” expats, who do not enjoy the support of an HR department, often have to cut through the “red tape” on their own. This week’s guest author, Florian, gives a few helpful pointers on what to keep in mind when you try to figure out bureaucratic issues. Nowadays, finding a flatmate, trendy restaurants, good clubbing […]

How I Became a Self-Made Expat

After last week’s entry with practical tips on self-employment abroad, it’s time for a more personal expat story. Our new guest author Ben describes how he was bitten by the travel bug and what motivated him to move abroad. Benjamin Wang was born and raised in New York City, but has lived in China, Poland […]

From Once-in-a-Lifetime to Lifer: Becoming a Long-Term Expat

Our new guestblogger Polly, a US American expat living in Moscow, ponders on how a brief stint as an EFL teacher turned into her new life as a long-term expatriate. She blogs about her further adventures in Russia on pollyheath: a girl and her travels. Making the decision to live abroad for any amount of […]

From Expat in Asia to Entrepreneur for Expats

InterNations expat guestblogger Brynne explains why and how she came to establish her own relocation company. My expat journey has taken me from Hong Kong to India to London and beyond. In the process, I have danced tango in Delhi, gained a love of Chinese pop art, and embarrassingly mistaken a British royal for a […]

Five Ways to Water Where You Are

InterNations member Juanita Kwarteng, the creator of, has written this splendid article on how important it is for expats and global nomads to not lose sight of what’s right in front of us and to make the most of where we are. Enjoy! I saw this quote recently: “The grass isn’t greener on the […]