Founder’s Diary: Farewell in Madrid

Time to say goodbye… InterNations founder and CEO Malte Zeeck talks about the special occasion that motivated his latest trip to our Local Community in Madrid. In early March, I was back in Madrid after quite a while. The reason for my visit was a rather sad one, though: not only was I planning to […]

Team Diary: Antwerp

Amelie, manager of the InterNations Ambassadors & Events team, recently seized the opportunity to meet up with some of our Ambassadors and visit one of the most beautiful towns in northwestern Europe. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends? If that quote from a classic Marilyn Monroe movie should contain a grain of truth, I definitely […]

Founder’s Diary: Chisinau & Vilnius

The first InterNations Community visits in 2014 took me to Eastern Europe last month – or, to be more precise, to Chisinau (Moldova) and Vilnius (Lithuania), where we’ve got two of our smaller Local Communities. The one in Vilnius has already grown to 1,600 members by now while there are only 600 InterNations members in […]

InterNations Makes a Difference in December

Last month, InterNations went completely MADD – and we are very happy about this. Don’t worry! You needn’t be concerned for our general sanity. MADD is short for our new “Make a Difference in December!” campaign. Just in time for the holiday season 2013, we initiated community involvement in 16 cities worldwide, from Bangalore to […]

Founder’s Diary: Ankara

My very last visit to an InterNations Community in 2013 took me to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. When I set out on my three-hour flight from Munich, I was a bit worried about the current political situation. After all, since the original protests against the new development plan for Taksim Gezi Park (Istanbul) that […]

Founder’s Diary: Izmir

Last Friday, on December 6th, I set out for one of my last InterNations-related trips in 2013. In many parts of Germany, as in plenty of other countries, this date has a special significance for kids. As the 6th of December is the feast day of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, they receive […]

Meet Laurence, the InterNations Member #1,000,000

As you may remember, we celebrated a major milestone for the InterNations Community last month – welcoming the 1 millionth member of our worldwide expatriate network. It is this global mind that we would like to introduce to you today. Our “Expat One Million” is called Laurence, and she is a French national who has […]

1,000,000, and Counting…

After half a dozen years of successfully connecting expats and “global minds” around the world, InterNations hits another major milestone. We’ve barely blown out the candles on our birthday cake, but now we have yet another reason to celebrate. This week, we reached the 1 million member mark – a historical achievement for our social […]

InterNations: Our Current Countdown

Four weeks ago, the InterNations team celebrated the sixth birthday of our worldwide expat community, as well as a whopping 100,000 fans on our Facebook page. Now, almost one month later to the day, we have yet another reason to pop the corks and clink our glasses: We are counting down to the 1 millionth […]

Hip, Hip, Hooray! InterNations Turns Six Today

This week, InterNations has an excellent reason to celebrate: Our expat website went online in September 2007, and we are now turning six. Six years is a very symbolic age. Most kids in Germany are six years old when they start primary school. Here in Munich, the summer holidays are over right now. Tomorrow morning, […]