Founder’s Diary: Madrid

Malte Zeeck, InterNations founder and co-CEO of global expat network InterNations, reports from a recent trip to Spain where he attended an event hosted by our Madrid Community. After I enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know our InterNations communities in Athens and Rome, my next destination was yet another Southern European capital, a favorite […]

Feel Like a Movie Star with InterNations!

Here in Munich, seat of the InterNations head office, the dog days of summer have just arrived. While the hottest weeks of the year don’t seem quite like the right time to dedicate to films, of all things, summer in the city is always movie season, too. The more sweltering the days, the mellower the […]

Founder’s Diary: Rome

After my last visit to an InterNations Community led me to Athens, I continued my tour of Southern Europe with a trip to Rome – one of my favorite cities in the world, with its Mediterranean ambience, full of warm sunshine and easy-going people. Though I used to live in Rome myself, I had never […]

Founder’s Diary: Athens

Before Easter, I was about to enjoy my first spring cocktails – not here in Munich, as it turned out, but at one of the March events hosted by the InterNations Community in Athens. I even got to stay in the city a little longer than planned: due to a strike, Lufthansa cancelled my flight […]

Color Your Life with InterNations

“Now daisies pied and violets blue do paint the meadows with delight…” Okay, I stole that one from Shakespeare, but the change of seasons rather lends itself to lyrical outbursts. After Germany weathered an actual hurricane last week, spring is here to stay at last: blue skies, golden sunlight, budding leaves in translucent green, and […]

InterNations Relaunch: Explore your new profile – and more!

New year, new website features! The relaunch of the InterNations platform continues in 2015. The next big step along the way is the release of a brand-new InterNations profile for all members. What’s up with the map? We already provided a sneak preview of the updated profile last year. Now you can log in and […]

Welcome 2015: Start your new year with InterNations!

Remember our previous blog post about the best New Year’s resolutions for expats? InterNations provides a fun way of actually sticking to some of them. After we successfully organized a themed “Celebrate Your InterNations Community” month in summer 2014, we’ve decided to kick off 2015 with a similar series of events and activities: “Welcome 2015 […]

Founder’s Diary: Hong Kong

Last stop Hong Kong: InterNations founder and co-CEO Malte Zeeck pays a visit to our local expat community before heading home to Germany once more. Hong Kong has recently been all over the international media, because of the so-called “Umbrella Revolution”: Students and Hong Kong citizens have been protesting peacefully for free elections in Hong […]

InterNations Relaunch: New Messaging Feature Live!

If you’ve been an InterNations member for the past six months, or longer, you’ve probably noticed that quite a few things on our website have changed. Our major site relaunch is still ongoing. We are gradually updating the entire website to provide you with the best possible experience across our online platform. Design, navigation, and […]

Founder’s Diary: Shanghai

Off to the see the “Paris of the East”: InterNations founder and co-CEO Malte Zeeck visits our expat community in Shanghai. The next stop on my grand tour of China was Shanghai, our largest community in mainland China, with over 21,000 members in the area. After just a two-hour flight from Beijing, I arrived at […]