My InterNations: Ramadan Kareem from Togo to Uzbekistan

For many of our members (just like for 1.6 billion people around the globe), the month of Ramadan is now in full swing. Adherents of the world’s second-largest faith are observing the traditional 29 days of fasting in the Islamic calendar. We would like to highlight this occasion by sharing some of the various stories, […]

My InterNations: Have Bike, Will Travel

Time to ‘fess up! You have probably had your share of daydreams about escaping your daily routine. Even after relocating successfully, you’ll sooner or later reach the point when a strange country starts feeling like home: a cozy feeling, but a little stifling, too. While most of us leave the big adventure to our daydreams, […]

My InterNations: A Dubai Champion

Dubai is not only among the world’s largest expat hubs, with over 80% of all UAE residents being non-Emiratis. The most populous city in the Emirates is also a city of superlatives when it comes to InterNations. Dubai is one of our biggest and busiest communities, with 55,000 members from across the globe. The Middle […]

My InterNations: The Toulouse Dream Team

The Group Consuls of our Toulouse Travel Club are truly a dream team: Helly and Serhat met at an InterNations Event in April 2012; by now, the two aren’t only sharing the responsibilities for the members of their InterNations Groups, but also their life in la ville rose. Read their story to find out more […]

My InterNations: Cook, Eat, Love in Vienna

Last week, when we blogged about the International Day of Happiness, we asked two essential questions: what makes you happy? And what are you doing to make others happy? We came to the conclusion that these two things are inextricably intertwined: feeling good makes you more inclined to do good, but doing good also helps […]

My InterNations: A Tale of Two Cities

What do expats in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, two vastly different cities, have in common? They might have already joined an InterNations Event organized by Daniel Santantoniou, our Swiss-Greek Ambassador. Read his story and find out how the challenges involved in organizing InterNations Events changed when he left the megalopolis Bangkok for the smaller and […]

My InterNations: Apfelstrudel and Activities in Amman

This week, we are putting one of our Middle Eastern communities in the spotlight. Meet Gabriela, our energetic and humorous Austrian Ambassador in Amman – an expat and global mind who doesn’t know the feeling of being homesick. Find out below why she feels at home about anywhere in the world, or why she sometimes […]

My InterNations: Home is where the expats are

We have a special new year’s surprise for you: In 2015, we’d like to introduce you to various members around the world. We want to explore how InterNations has changed their lives and how they are changing the lives of others in turn: by bringing people together, sharing knowledge, and offering support. They are creating […]

Book Review: Times New Romanian by Nigel Shakespear

Times New Romanian – no, you read this right. This is not a typo, and this post doesn’t actually describe popular fonts and typefaces. Times New Romanian: Voices and Narrative from Romania is the title of a recent book edited and published by Nigel Shakespear, himself a British expat in Eastern Europe. He has lived […]

New Flower Ethopia: An Interview with Blogger Cynthia in Addis Ababa

In this interview series we let our members take the spotlight! Today, we are introducing Cynthia, an Australian expatriate who moved to Addis Ababa earlier this year. She blogs about her African adventure on New Flower Ethopia. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are, where you come from, when you moved […]