InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Sides of Sarajevo

Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder & Co-CEO, has some travel tips to offer after his recent trip to the Bosnian capital. The purpose of my trip to Bosnia was to reunite with my friends from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, something we do regularly for our annual business retreat. One member of our group was able to host […]

My InterNations: Off the Map

Moving abroad is often a hassle. Now imagine you’re settling in a city you have barely heard of or an unstable country. Perhaps you’ve chosen a place with a tiny expat community and few people to ask for advice. How do you cope? We have talked to InterNations members who’ve relocated to unusual destinations and […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Essentials to Explore in Dublin

Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder & Co-CEO, talks about the things to see and do that you shouldn’t miss out on your next trip to Dublin. This was actually the first time ever I’d travelled to Dublin, though the Irish capital is less than two hours by plane from Germany. I’d always had a very positive […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Scandinavian Things to Do in Stockholm

Malte Zeeck, our founder and co-CEO, shares his five favorite sightseeing tips for beautiful Stockholm with our members. A while after my trip to neighboring Helsinki, I arrived in Stockholm as the 2015 triathlon was in full swing. The competition even had its own Olympic category: as much as I was impressed by international athletes […]

Common “Fails” Abroad — and How to Deal with Them

While traveling, you may end up in a tricky situation that’s more or less straightforward to handle back home, but can turn out to be rather complicated abroad. Although some lucky folks never have any close encounters of the awkward and messy kind, even if they travel a lot, some of us can hardly go […]

InterNations Insider Tips: Five 101 Things to Do in Helsinki

Malte Zeeck, our founder and co-CEO and a former expat himself, shares his five favorite travel tips for the Finnish capital. During the summer months, with their long “white nights”, the northernmost capital city in the European Union is always well worth a visit: I’d been to Helsinki before, but I was very happy to […]

InterNations Insider Tips: Five Touristy Things to Do in Salzburg

Malte Zeeck, founder and co-CEO of InterNations, as well as a former expat himself, shares his personal tips for the five most famous sights in neighboring Salzburg. While a bachelor party recently took me to Barcelona, I had the chance to attend a wedding in Salzburg some time later. The reception took place at the […]

How to Make a Complete Mess of Moving Abroad

There’s plenty of advice out there that helps you prepare for your big move abroad and make the transition as smooth as possible. This is not one of those posts. On the contrary: we’ll tell you how to mess up the start of your new life abroad as spectacularly as possible. Just follow these seven […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Cool Things to Do in Barcelona

Malte Zeeck, our founder and co-CEO and a former expatriate himself, shares his five favorite things to do in beautiful Barcelona. While Barcelona, or “BCN”, isn’t as familiar to me as its perennial rival Madrid, I’ve had the chance to visit the capital of Catalonia repeatedly, and not only in my role as the founder […]

The Ten Best Tricks for Foreign Language Learners

You needn’t be a hyperpolyglot to enjoy studying a new language. Hyperpolyglots are those rare geniuses who speak at least eleven languages fluently. Apparently, learning about ten languages is still an attainable goal, relatively speaking, but after the first dozen, things get pretty tricky. Startling facts like that make me feel rather woeful about my […]