Unexpected Expat Essentials

Our latest guest blogger Kelly talks about the unexpected essentials of everyday life and how finding them abroad can sometimes turn into an adventure of its own. There are many things to think about when you first move abroad: taxes, healthcare, all the other sensible adult things that we are supposed to deal with and […]

Important Tax Deadlines for US Expats

Every April is a reminder of the looming filing deadlines for getting your United States tax affairs in order. Whether you are looking to file a return early or thinking about filing an extension, there are some important dates that you want to keep handy so that you do not let an essential deadline slip […]

7 Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

The expatriate’s life is one tied to a bungee line, courting highs and lows quite unlike any other. One can conquer life in an alien environment, and blossom like a flower reaching toward the sun. But like a flower, one wilts seasonally. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and even Halloween for some, can be hard, separated […]

The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Expats

1. Eat healthy. This one is a classic: After indulging during the festive season, lots of people are looking forward to plainer fare. How about giving your dietary changes a local twist? Find out where to shop for fresh produce and explore some farmer’s markets, or try new recipes from the local cuisine! (Unless you […]

Book Review: Moving without Shaking

The subtitle of Moving without Shaking by Yelena Parker says it very succinctly: The book is a “guide to expat life success from women to women.” As the author states in the introduction, it’s supposed to be a handbook, or at least a starting point, for the ordinary “woman next door” who’d like to live […]

Preparing for Your Move: What to Ask Yourself Before You Go (Part II)

Are you contemplating packing your bags, boarding the next plane, and starting a new life abroad? Splendid idea ─ but no so hasty! Our guest blogger Ben provides a handy checklist that all expats-to-be should consider. A few weeks ago, I wrote Preparing for Your Move (Part I) about the mental preparedness required for moving […]

Preparing for Your Move: What to Ask Yourself Before You Go (Part l)

Are you considering a move abroad? Our guest blogger Ben discusses important points to think about before you leave. A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend. During our conversation, she told me that she was thinking about relocating abroad for a while. Her life was in a rut and she needed a […]

From Trailing Spouse to Trailblazing Spouse!

Today I am going to spill three “dirty secrets” of trailing spouses, and I suspect that many of you will be glad I did. I am talking about things that you or your fellow trailing spouse likely wouldn’t admit in public, but chances are, you can relate. Don’t worry: After the cat is out of […]

A Summer without Soccer?

Right now, football fever has plenty of fans worldwide firmly in its grasp. But what about those folks who don’t care much about the FIFA World Cup 2014? (Yes, they do exist.) What should they do to keep busy until the big finale on July 13? And what have the footie fanatics got to look […]

Homesickness: The Best 5 Tips for Beating the “Expat Blues”

Even expats get the blues: Moving abroad is a tremendously exciting opportunity, but sooner or later every expat has to grapple with some stressful issues. Sometimes, you’ll cope pretty well with the dreaded culture shock – for example, because you’ve been to the country before or because it’s quite similar to your own in a […]