Make Your Choice: Voting Rights for Expats

Today, we’re exploring the issue of voting rights for expats, especially within the EU. Find more information on absentee voting below! Outside the InterNations office in Munich, the cityscape is still cluttered with slightly faded posters for the most recent electoral campaign. About two weeks ago, eligible residents were invited to go to the polls […]

Got Spring Fever?

Have you ever heard of “spring fever”? (No, it’s not the same as hay fever.) Today, we’re talking about the difference betwen “spring fever” and its negative side, “spring tiredness”. Read on for some helpful tips on how to stay active and healthy in spring. Finally! In the past week, spring has arrived here in […]

Things to Consider Before Taking an International Assignment

Since the new year 2014 is barely two months old, many of us are still considering new beginnings. If your new beginning involves working abroad as an expat woman, this is exciting news and you are in good company. There is a projected boom in the number of expats over the next few years, due […]

Two Essential Steps to Building Your Social Circle Abroad

For many of you, the holiday season is coming up. Especially if you moved abroad with your partner or your family, you might start getting a little pensive and missing your old friends from back home. Our guest author Paul has a couple of helpful tips on how you can make new friends abroad more […]

Lonely No More

After last week’s guest blog entry explained why leaving the expat bubble is important, this week’s guest author — Andrea, a German expat in the US — ponders the differences between friendships among expats and friendships with locals. Below, she also provides tips on making new friends abroad, so don’t miss out on her advice! […]

Escape the Bubble!

InterNations guest blogger Benjamin wonders if the self-imposed isolation of the “expat bubble”, which might seem like a blessing at first, is actually more of a curse… I’m sure everyone on this blog, as well as in the InterNations Community, would agree that one of the greatest aspects of traveling is the ability to meet […]

Embrace Difference: What Expat-”Local” Relationships Can Teach Us

Our guest blogger Andrea, a German expat living in the United States, explains what her own German-American marriage has taught her about international relationships, as well as keeping the romance alive. Andrea is working as a free-lance author and blogs – mostly in German – about her life in the US on Andrea J […]

Relocating to the UK: Tips from a Serial Expatriate

“Self-made” expats, who do not enjoy the support of an HR department, often have to cut through the “red tape” on their own. This week’s guest author, Florian, gives a few helpful pointers on what to keep in mind when you try to figure out bureaucratic issues. Nowadays, finding a flatmate, trendy restaurants, good clubbing […]

Go Big, or Go Home: Tips for Self-Made Expats

For the last couple of weeks, our blog was mostly „all play and no work“. After our guest authors’ advice on making new friends abroad and hosting an international dinner party, it’s time to return to the business world today. Lots of employees are dreaming of becoming their own boss and calling the shots. The […]

International Entertaining

Last week, our guest author Paul provided some helpful advice on making friends in a new place. Today, our regular guest blogger Jessica – a Puertorican-American expat recently returned to the States, who blogs about her experience on Adventures of the Repatriate – shows us another great way of meeting new people and bringing them […]