Getting Started: 3 Pressing Expat Problems & How to Overcome Them

The year 2016 is just getting started, but the month of January is nearly a thing of the past — sadly, so are many New Year’s resolutions. But just because you still hit the “snooze” button every morning, this doesn’t mean that there are no more opportunities to make the most of the next eleven […]

Book Review: Foreigner in Charge

A new job offer for an executive position overseas is often the career opportunity of a life-time for international professionals in upper management. But if they shouldn’t succeed, the price to pay for failure will be high — both for the company and for the person. In his business guide Foreigner in Charge: Success Strategies […]

5 Perfect Ways of Spending Christmas Abroad — and on Your Own

Christmas… the very word evokes a wealth of memories, often seen through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia or blurred by kitschy holiday movies and even kitschier TV commercials. Christmas is an occasion to celebrate with your loved ones, when your home is full of festive decorations, your table is laden with a home-cooked meal, and […]

(Not So) Common Knowledge: Expats Share Their Top Tips

Being part of the global expat community means that what is a new experience for you is likely to be considered business as usual by other, more seasoned expatriates. In this sense, you have a large, multicultural group of expats from all walks of life at your disposal for advice on whatever topic you can […]

Five Life Lessons You Learn as an Expat

1. Do What You Really Want to Do If you keep waiting for the “right time” and the “right opportunity”, you’ll be waiting forever. There is never a right time to make your dreams come true. Life-changing decisions always require an effort and create some hassle. Are you dreaming of living in a particular country […]

My InterNations: The Networking Professionals

My personal networking tip — don’t follow my example! Despite loving the written word, I get nervous talking to strangers: my perfectly honed elevator pitch would probably leave my mouth sounding like “warrrghaabllfff”. Moving abroad, you can’t afford to neglect business networking, though — not even if you’re shy, like me. So I’ve asked some […]

Kick Off Your International Job Search

Are you crazy for a change of scenery at work? Would you like to boost your CV, or are you “just” looking for a career-related challenge? So, what about searching for a new position abroad? But before you start your international job search, consider the following questions to determine your goals and priorities: – Do […]

Six Essential Apps That Every Expat Should Have

Moving overseas soon? Or have you been based on the other side of the globe for some time? Whether you are just starting out in this exciting and rewarding lifestyle, or are well accustomed to its challenges, there are ways to make your day-to-day life easier with the help of your trusty smartphone and the […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Things Worth Revisiting in Milan

Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder & Co-CEO, talks about Milan’s classic sights that you shouldn’t miss out on. I am no stranger to Milan. In fact, in 1999 you would have found me among the hundreds of students lugging books around the campus of Bocconi University. Milan has a reputation for high-end design and expensive fashion […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Sides of Sarajevo

Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder & Co-CEO, has some travel tips to offer after his recent trip to the Bosnian capital. The purpose of my trip to Bosnia was to reunite with my friends from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, something we do regularly for our annual business retreat. One member of our group was able to host […]