Exploring a World of Culture

We recently came across an interesting website which we would like to introduce to you today: The Culture Trip is a great resource for “cultural travellers” who want to explore a country beyond the beaten tourist track. Whether you are just visiting or planning to live in another country for the longer term, The Culture Trip provides a useful starting point for exploring a country’s culture by showcasing its most influential works of art, literature, music, etc. Best of all, it is an interactive platform, so you can share your own discoveries with the rest of the world.

The Culture Trip, a recently launched internet start-up, aims to showcase the best culture each country has to offer, be it art, literature, cinema or music, in one uniquely global online platform. If you are travelling to a country and are curious about their cultural output, The Culture Trip provides an overview of the most important books, films, music and art from each country in the world. This comes in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and an extensive catalogue of books and films, all categorised by country. There is also the opportunity to write about your own take on a country’s culture and to create a ‘Travel Bag’; three books and films which you would recommend taking when travelling to a specific country.

The Culture Trip aims to promote a different type of travel experience, one which involves engaging with the culture of the county you are visiting. The site is a great resource of recommendations for cultural travellers or for expats keen to find out more about their adopted country and to interact with the thriving Culture Trip community, which includes visitors from over 200 countries worldwide.

The Culture Trip is currently running an ‘Icons of Culture’ competition, which looks for the creative individuals which have come to represent the culture of each county. These individuals are then collated in the site’s online gallery. The prize goes to the person who made the most compelling case for the inclusion of their ‘Icon of Culture’.

Find them at www.theculturetrip.com.

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