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  1. Mette
    January 17, 2012

    Hi Samantha,

    Happy to hear that you found a lot of wonderful friends in Buenos Aires. One of the most rewarding parts of moving to a new country is to find new friends.

    I don’t think your story is about unfriendly Argentineans, I think it is more a story about moving to a huge city, where life is extremely busy, people spend time commuting, and only have time to be friends with their friends.

    Did you ever try to break the ice yourself; Invited your co-workers, yoga or book club buddies out for coffee, dinner etc. or just suggested to meet-up a Saturday afternoon and do something together?

    I live in a big city now and have found it difficult, but then I have found friends from other countries, which have been completely rewarding.

    In comparison to I used to live in another big city, where it was not an issue and had many local friends.

    As you know the culture around friendships in different countries also plays a significant role. What one expect might not be what the real deal is or what another expects. Also to make friends takes time in many cultures and it might be that the locals don’t want to invest the time into a new friend that leaves in 6 month or a year.

    As long as you had a great experience that is what counts.

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