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  1. study in china
    September 21, 2011

    Celine,,you have a kind heart, no one can replace you act of kindness, thank you for your unselfish love
    In our China, now there also are a lot of college students choose to aid education
    , after their university graduation give up the good work and choose to go to a remote area to become a teacher, for Poor region’s children take good knowledge

    The world eventually because of you and beautiful

  2. Kathy Mellish
    September 19, 2011


    What an inspiring story. So glad you shared it with us expats. I am an Iraqi, then Duba, American who pretty much did the same thing. Went back to the States and was lost. Could not relate the way I used to with my friends and family. Missed the cultures and the way they made me feel. Am now back in Dubai, albeit poor as a church mouse.

    Good luck to you and if you ever just want to reach out with a hello, please do so.


    • Valentina
      September 20, 2011

      Hi Kathy,
      thanks for commenting! I am glad you are back where you feel most comfortable! And I hope that church mouse status soon takes a turn for the better ;-)
      Have a great day!

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