Striving for Global Excellence

Thanks to all of you, InterNations is continuing to grow impressively all around the world – all the more reason to ensure that we are providing the best kind of service to our members!

Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to create the InterNations Survey Series: Striving for Global Excellence, helping us get your opinion and feedback on existing features as well as several new services planned for the future. The Survey Series consists of four separate parts that will be conducted over the course of the next months, covering topics such as the general needs of our members, their interests in events and offline activities, special offers and recommended service providers, as well as expat relevant information and content.

Was InterNations able to support you during your stay abroad? Did we provide anything in particular that you found helpful for your current situation as an expat? Is there anything you think could use some tweaking?

The first part of the Survey Series, concerning the general needs and expectations of our members, is now online. Please login to InterNations to take part in the survey. By doing so, you will not only benefit from making InterNations cater to your needs even better, but you can also win a brand new Apple iPad 2!

We are looking forward to hearing as many of your comments, concerns, or suggestions as possible!pri

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