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  1. Sandra Loftus
    March 25, 2011

    Hi! I felt compelled to comment on your Lisbon blog because, two years ago now, I used the Internations experience to ask if any member in the Lisbon Internations community could recommend places for me to go in their city as I was there for one evening and half a day alone while preparing for a course. Such a welcome I could not have imagined! I met two of the most wonderful, generous, welcoming, interesting, fun, kind and thought provoking people in Portugal, who showed their city and culture with a generosity of spirit that was just amazing. The Ambassador was also wonderfully helpful and welcoming with guidance and recommendations. They made a memory I will never forget and Internations made it possible. Lisbon people are simply gorgeous and I think this sort of inter-change is actually the greatest gift Internations gives. Many thanks! Sandra

    • Margit Grobbel
      March 25, 2011

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your InterNations experience here! We are happy to hear that, in your case, our network really succeeded in our mission of bringing people together, especially thanks to the wonderful Lisbon community.

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